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180072-1 Air/Truck Shipping Stand w/Casters

The 180072 Hydraulic Engine Shipping Stand is designed to transport Pratt & Whitney engines PW4074-4098 via truck and/or air. Used in conjunction with the 181745 engine Cradle the Stand provides a safe and effective means of shipping those engines.

· One hydraulic pump handle is stowed on each outside main frame rail between the forward and aft shock mounts. A ball-lock pin secures each handle.

· Two (2) forklift stop assemblies are stowed in the forward fork and held in place with ball-lock pins. When operating the unit install the forklift stop above the stowage location in the forklift stop sleeve and pin in place. (Ensure that the opposite fork stop is removed before lifting.)

· Air/Truck shipping spacers (forward and aft) are stowed in their operating locations either between the Cradle and Shipping Stand or between the upper and lower shock mounts. The shipping spacers can also be stowed in the forward fork tube behind the fork stops. If the optional Engine Build-Up (EBU) spacers are used the shipping spacers can be stored on the inboard side of the EBU spacers. 

· Casters are equipped with foot brakes. Three caster configurations are possible– transport without inlet attached transport with inlet attached and bootstrap. This variety of positions facilitates engine shipping installation shop maintenance etc.

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