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9C6001 GE90 Basic Transportation Stand (GE90-94B/115B)

The 9C6001G07 (Latest Revision) - Basic Transport Stand is designed to transport a GE90 Engine as used on the Boeing B777 Aircraft.

The stand consists of two major components; Base (9426M22G08) Base, and Cradle (9426M23G07). The Cradle is bootstrap capable to the B777. The Transport Base, and Cradle are all designed to accommodate GE90 engines, used on B-777 aircraft.

Standard Equipment

- Caster Steering Bars (2) (9426M22P59)
- Towbars, 2 each (9426M22P53 inner segment, 9426M22P54 outer segment)
- Document/Tools Storage Box (AM-2211-101)
- Components Storage Box (71184)

Older configurations included G01 and G05.

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