9C6031 GE90-115B Components Container

The GE 9C6031-P01 Split Engine Components Shipping Container is designed to accommodate those sections of the GE90 -115B engine. When shipping a split engine (Propulsor on 9C6025 and Fan Stator Case on the 9C6015, a container is required to store and ship the various engine components that must be removed. This is designed for those components. It is used in conjunction with the 9C6028 Container that houses the fan blades.

Unit is designed to transport components to/from work and installation locations in a safe and secure manner. Unit offers a fiberglass cover which is water tight and secured in place on a metal fabricated base assembly. Document storage receptacle and view port included.

Hoist rings (4) are built into the top of the fiberglass cover and are to be utilized in removal/installation of only the cover.

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