AM-1966, CF6-80C2 Core Module Shipping Container

The Am-1966 Core Module Shipping container is designed to accomodate the CF6-80C2 type engine core. It is capable of being shipped (with core) in the cargo bays of most aircraft or by ground transport. Core bolts securely into place quickly and easily. A retaining sleeve inside the container is standard. An optional core lift bracket is available.

Four removable (pin in place) casters are available as an option to assist in localized mobility of the entire container unit.

Casters have polyurethane tread wheels with four position swivel locks and wheel brakes. Casters are designed to pin in an up-right position from the underside of the unit and stow inside the container when not in use. maximum speed is 5 Mph.

Built -in shock absorbing mounts cushion transporting movements. Tie-down rings offer secure placement during long distant hauling of the unit. A document container is secured to base for all manuals and pertinent papers.


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