AM-2228-A1/B1, V2500-A1/A5 Engine Stand

The AM-2228 Engine Shipping Stand.(Cradle /Base Assembly) is designed to accommodate V2500-A1/A5 engines used on A319, A320, and A321 aircraft, with or without selected Engine Build Unit (EBU) hardware and components. The stand is compliant with IAE Specification IAE6F10000. Unit may also be incorporated for  transport during development and/or production of engines. Cradle is counter-weighted for proper balance requirements. Engine Shipping Stand, with engine, will fit up to the wing position.The cradle is separated from the base during engine removal and installations using bootstrap Airbus P/N #98D71203501001.

Design allows sufficient sway space (no less than 1.57 inches) to permit proper functioning of the shock attenuation arrangement during air or truck transport.

Forklift tubes are positioned within the base and located to best center the stands CG with and without the engine in place. Any fork truck transfer or movement requirements are now possible from either side of the stand.

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