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AM-2599 V2500-D5 Engine Shipping Stand
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The AM-2599 is a three-point fixed mount shipping stand used to transport or store the IAE V2500-D5 fan jet engine. The stand can accommodate the L.H.or R.H. Demountable Powerplant in a full QEC (accommodating all “EBU” equipment) configuration, a “bare” engine, or an engine with either the nose cowl, or tail cone, or both removed.

Handling or unit mobility is either via the forklift slots, or its own retractable swivel casters and towbar. A two-piece, telescoping stowable towbar can be attached to either end of the stand. When
not in use, the towbars are unpinned from their attachment eye on the retractable caster extensions and are stowed on tangs provided on the front and aft sides of the cradle. During air or truck transport, all four caster assemblies are designed to be swiveled and pinned in the upward or retracted position. If provided, bumper bars are extended and pinned in place during transportation to protect
the inlet nozzle and exhaust cone.
The AM-2599 is supplied with a protective bag to be installed to cover the engine while the engine is mounted on the stand. The lower half of the storage bag is permanently attached to the cradle at the forward aft mounts. The bag is “sandwiched” in place between the mount supports and the mating flange of the support struts mount. When bagging the engine, the upper bag half is lowered over the engine and secured to the lower bag half.
The stand is also provided with a foam lined equipment case bolted on to the base. The equipment case stores and protects the forward aft mounts, the fwd and aft supports and all loose attachments hardware.
Two empty AM-2599 engine transportation stands can be stacked on top of each other and securely pinned for truck or air transportation. To stack, rotates the top stand 180 degrees in relation to the bottom unit and stack on the angle saddles provided on the vertical to the bottom unit and stack on the angle saddles provided on the vertical bumper bar support struts. Lock in place with safety pin provided.

For tie-down of the stand to the truck bed or pallet, there are sixteen (10,000 Lbs rated) tie-down rings located on the periphery of the base-six rings along each side and two rings on each end.
AM-2599 Engine Transport Stand

The engine mounts are attached to the cradle assembly. There are three engine mount points - two forward and one aft. The front and rear mounts are intended to react vertical and transverse loads
only. The front mounts attach to the L.H. and R.H. side of the engine fan case. The single Aft mount can be installed for R. H. or L.H. engine configuration at the turbine case flanges. Axial (for and aft)
loads are reacted by the trust struts which are attached from the stand’s rear mount support structure to the L.H. or R.H. side of the fan. (depending of whether engines is in a L.H. or R.H. configuration)


LAST UPDATED: 02:37pm, September 12, 2012
Dimensions (inches)
Tare Weight (Lbs)
Total Weight (Lbs)
Other Information
150.25 x 95 x 64.5
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