An Executive Action: AGSE Shipping Stands featured in The New Air Force One Documentary!

Ever since its call sign was created in 1953, no aircraft in the sky has been more important than Air Force One, transporting Presidents of the United States to some of the most dangerous destinations in the world. In 2017, the United States Air Force purchased two flight-tested but undelivered 747-8 Intercontinental aircraft from Boeing to be converted into The New Air Force One, replacing the aging and predominantly analog-controlled Boeing 747-200Bs that are currently in service.

To meet the compulsory security level of presidential aircraft, the Boeing 747-8s were required to undergo a thorough retrofitting of the latest telecommunications and security equipment at Boeing’s Rapid Response Modification Center in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The reconstruction also included an upgrade in the electrical power generators for the aircraft’s GEnx engines, as the power consumption on The New Air Force One would be much greater than a commercial Boeing 747. The engineering team managing this elaborate project deployed eight (8) AGSE 11C4349P01 (AGSE-E176-G03) Engine Transport Stands to assist in the removal of each aircraft’s existing GEnx-2B engines safely and efficiently, prior to replacing them with more energy-saving, higher thrust GEnx models.

AGSE thanks the United States Air Force for protecting our great nation as well as Boeing for placing trust in our ground support equipment for the most critical fleet on the planet. The National Geographic full documentary, The New Air Force One: Flying Fortress, can be viewed by clicking here (see one of our Shipping Stands in action at the 18:52 mark).

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