Up & Running: Westmont’s Gantry System is a Critical Component of United Airlines’ New TOC!

In late 2021, United Airlines proudly cut the ribbon on its $352 million technical operations center (TOC) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). This state-of-the-art facility includes a training center for maintenance staff, sophisticated tracking systems to keep tabs on tooling, the latest safety and fire controls, and a 407,000 square foot hangar floor used to service the airliner’s extensive fleet of both narrowbody and widebody aircraft.

During the development of its TOC at LAX, United teamed with Westmont Industries, AGSE's parent company, to design, build, and install a 3-Bay Gantry System for the horizontal maintenance and repair of jet engines that power its fleet. Commencement of this project closely followed a successful installation of a similar Westmont gantry at United’s TOC in Houston, Texas, USA. Now complete, the ergonomic, user-friendly system can support one narrowbody and two widebody engines simultaneously, readily meeting the newly opened facility’s high levels of engine traffic.

Co-headquartered a short crosstown drive away from LAX, AGSE™ and Westmont remain honored to both continuously supply innovative, rugged, and long-lasting GSE & Tooling to United Airlines and take part in the airport’s ongoing renovation and modernization. Click here to learn more.

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