A Golden Milestone: AGSE® Turns 50

With the arrival of 2023, AGSE is excited to celebrate its 50th year as a pioneer in the original design and manufacture of trusted engine GSE & Tooling. Since its founding as a modest tooling designer for the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar airliner, AGSE has blossomed into an industry leader, delivering many OEM-licensed handling solutions to more than 1,300 global customers, including airlines, aircraft hangars, engine shops, lessors, and military bases.

"We've come a long way in building our comprehensive offering of GSE & Tooling for the top engine programs and aircraft in commercial and military aviation," said Diane Morey-Henderson, President & CEO of AGSE. "May the next 50 years be even better as we continue providing quality support for the industry's most critical MRO activities."

After being acquired by its parent company, Westmont Industries, in 1985, AGSE went on to redefine engine handling by developing split-engine transport systems for jet engines powering the latest wide-body aircraft. The operation eventually moved into its current ISO-certified, 135,000-square-foot plant in Southern California, which employs state-of-the-art lean manufacturing technologies to assemble its reliable products safely and expeditiously. In late 2014, AGSE signed a long-term agreement with CFM International and launched its AGSE Tooling division in Ohio, responsible for supplying line maintenance and shop tooling for the engine builder’s energy-efficient, narrowbody LEAP turbofan.

AGSE now owns a portfolio of over 300 proprietary engine shipping stand designs rigorously customized to ensure the safe handling of a wide array of jet engines. The company recently surpassed the manufacture and delivery of 15,000 of these rugged and ergonomic stands. In addition, AGSE Tooling has delivered more than 14,000 CFM and LEAP engine tools supporting MRO activities ranging from quick engine changes to complex engine overhauls.

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