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102697-1 Cradle Assembly for CF6-50 Engines (used on Boeing Aircraft)


• Licensed by GE Aviation to accommodate CF6-50 engines used on Boeing aircraft during shipment, removal, installation & shop maintenance
• Quick tie-down forward, aft stabilizer & aft engine mounts with pinned connections
• Suitable for truck shipment as standard size load
• Incorporates lifting lugs that may be used with engine manufacturer-approved bootstrap hoist

• Other configurations available (click on part number links below to find out more):

o 102697-501 designed for United States Air Force
o 102697-503 designed for various airlines using B747 aircraft only
o 102697-505 designed for various airlines using B747 & DC-10 aircraft only
o 102697-701 designed for C.P. Air only using DC-10 & B747 aircraft

Dimensions & Weight:

• 118” (300 cm) Length x 96” (244 cm) Width x 53” (135 cm) Height / 1,300 LBS

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