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110700-1 Engine Shipping System CFM56-3

This Engine Shipping System is designed specifically for transportation ground handling and bootstrapping of General Electric/SNECMA CFM56-3 engines used on Boeing B737-300 aircraft. It is composed of the 110701-1 Stand and the 110702-600 or –1 Cradle.

The 110701-1 Stand rides on locking swivel casters and shock mounts and is equipped with a towbar. The casters are shock absorbing and may be mounted at either of two heights. The lower position provides 1” clearance for engine installation and removal and the upper position provides 5” for towing. The casters may be stowed on the Stand for shipping. The aft casters are equipped with locking brakes. The shock mounts prevent unwanted vibration or shock loads from being transmitted in the engine during handling and shipping.  The towbar may be attached to either end of the Stand.

The 110702-600 Cradle provides unique port and starboard forward engine mount spindles and a single aft mount stanchion. Forward mounts are equipped with a spherical bearing for engine attachment. The aft mount is pinned. It is intended for low speed (3 MPH (5 KPH) or less) ramp and hanger smooth surface use only and can be used with the engine bootstrap equipment to install and remove CFM56-3 engines. The Cradle may be equipped with removable casters (-610) legs (-620) or both legs and casters (-630). The legs and casters are pinned to the cradle. The 110702-1 Cradle has neither casters nor legs.

The 110733-1 and –501 Cradle Assemblies are no longer in productiontherefore the drawings and Parts List are included for reference and to assist with parts ordering only.

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