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111602-90 Cradle Assembly for CF56-5C Engines


• Designed for air/truck transport for CFM56-5C engines when combined with transportation stand containing 90" rail spacing & not shock mounted

o Composed of cradle & roller shoe assembly which allows for movement while on transportation stand
o Includes forward & aft mount assemblies
o Can be truck shipped as standard size load
o Removable mount adapters

• Bootstrap capability (with alternate lifting devices) to support engine during removal/ installation from/to transportation stand or aircraft

• Other configurations available (click on part number links below to find out more):

o 111602-1 compatible with Transportation Stands containing 88” rail spacing
o 111602-2 compatible with Transportation Stands containing 90” rail spacing & equipped with shock mounts
o 111602-90AC designed for Air Canada with 90” rails & work platforms included
o 111602-90S designed for Singapore Airlines with 90” rails & folding forward engine mounts


• Maximum aircraft towing speed of 5 MPH (8 Km/h)

Dimensions & Weight:

• 118” (300 cm) Length x 98” (249 cm) x 59” (150 cm) / 2,200 LBS (998 kg)

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