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113401 Shipping Cradle for V2500-D5 Engines

The Stanley V2500-D5 Engine Cradle is designed for use with the IAE V2500-D5 engines used on McDonald Douglas MD90 aircraft. The Engine Cradle is composed of the Cradle and Roller Shoe Assemblies. When combined with a shipping stand these components facilitate ground and air transport of the V2500-D5 engines. This manual provides operational and service instructions for the Stanley V2500-D5 Engine Cradle.

The cradle features:
· Forward and aft mount assemblies are included.

· Can be truck shipped as a standard size load.

· Hoist and bootstrap provisions.

· Roller Shoe assemblies are included in the –2 configuration which allow movement while on the engine stand.

· Removable mount adapters.

· Universal design can be used with a variety of shipping stands.

The Cradle Assembly is available in the following configurations:
· P/N 113401-1 Designed for a stand with rails 90” apart but does not include roller shoe assemblies.

· P/N 113401-2 Designed for a stand with rails 90” apart and does include roller shoe assemblies.

Note: Both configurations utilize the same component parts. The only difference is the presence 
or lack of Roller Shoe assemblies.

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