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11C3039G02, GEnx-1B Propulsor Handling Brackets

The AGSE-E207-G01 Low Profile Shipping Stand is designed to transport, and/or, store the CFMI CFM56-7 Engine in a modified QEC Configuration. The design complies with all CFMI
Specifications. The stand is designed to ship the engine in a height restricted air shipping mode. With the inlet cowl and exhaust nozzle removed, the engine stand (with engine) can be air shipped in the following Freighters:
A300F B737-300/400/500F DC-8 AN-22
A310F B737NGF AN-124 A330F
B747F DC-10F AN-225 B707-300F
B757F MD-11F IL-76 B727F
B767F C-130 TU-204 B737-100/200F
B777F L-100
The engine pins securely into place quickly and easily. Bootstrapping capabilities have been

incorporated into the stand design. A document container is secured to the stand for all manuals and documents.

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