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11C3403P03 Fan Blade/Case Gage/Taper for GEnx-1B & GEnx-2B Engines


• Measures fan blade tip clearance F1.5 at 6 o’clock location
• Gage is 3” long x .430” wide & contains nylon lanyard with ring to ease handling

o Thickness range of 3.302 mm/.130” – 5.054 mm/.199"
o Graduations pertaining to tapered thickness on one side
o Provides curved shape to match with abradable profile during use

• Other configurations available (click on part number links below to find out more):

o 11C3403P02 (thickness range of 1.778 mm/.070” – 3.530 mm/.139”)
o 11C3403P04 (thickness range of 4.826 mm/.190” – 6.578 mm/.259”)
o 11C3403P05 (thickness range of 6.350 mm/.250” – 8.102 mm/.319”)
o 11C3403P06 (thickness range of 7.874 mm/.310” – 9.626 mm/.379”)

Dimensions & Weight:

• 3” x 3.25” x 11” / 2.5 LBS

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