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11C3409P02, GEnx-1B Fan Module Cover with Fwd cap

The Am-2372 Air/Truck Transport Cradle is designed to transport the AM-2371 Air/Truck shipping Cradle and the Pratt & Whitney PW4000 Engine the JT9D-7A/-7J and the -7R4 Engines in modified QEC configuration.

The Base (with cradle) is compliant with P&W Purchase Performance Specifications 1718 (dates October 26th 1984), 1754 (Dated September 1982), 1889(dated July 1985), 1891(dated June 21 1985) and 1942 (dated November 11th 1988).

The Base (with egine and compatible cradle) is suitable for air transport on the main deck of a Boeing B747-Freighter. The base is compatiblewith the AM-2371 shipping Cradle. The cradle pins to the base quickly and easily. Every engine stand is delivered with a manual located in a document container secured to the base.


The Following confgurations are available:

AM-2372-100 Standard config.

AM-2372-119 JT9-7A with inlet cowl installed

AM-2372-122 With oversized forklift channels

AM-2372-R Compatible with 90 inch rail capable cables. 

Compatible Bases to AM-2371 Cradle include:

AM-2372 Shipping Base

AM-2346 Shipping Base

AM-2348 Low Profile Shipping Base

AM-2348H Low Profile Shipping Base with Hydraulic Casters

AM-1994-126 Pneumatic Tire Dolly (Site Transport only)

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