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11C4487P02 (Recommended Option: 11C4487P02-PPK) GEnx-1B (S/N 110 and on) Full Engine Ground or Propulsor Air and Ground Shipping Stand

The 11C4487P02 (AGSE-E175-G04) Transport Stand is designed for truck transport of the GEnx-1B full engine in the production configurations using the mini bracket adapters 11C4495 (AGSE-V087) and truck/air transport of the Propulsor only.

The stand is recommended to be selected an installed pneumatic pump kit (PPK). The PN for this is 11C4487P02-PPK (AGSE-E175-G04). The PPK facilitates ease and speed of use.

The stand consists of a base and an engine support structure, a cradle assembly. The cradle has two positions, raised for transport of a full engine or lowered for the Propulsor only. The cradle is raised/lowered by an integral cable system operated by a manual or optional air-operated hydraulic pump. The base supports the cradle on elastomeric shock mounts to protect the engine from transportation and handling loads and vibrations. The base also has retractable shock absorbing casters, a hydraulic jacking leg system and tubes for fork lifting. The base also has provisions for storing forward and AFT engine mounts and adapters. This stand also may be used for fan module separation from or mate to the Propulsor using the 11C4490 fan transfer dolly assembly. This is usually done for AOG Propulsor only change out situations.

To Split Engines on-sight, the following tools are required:

1. 11C4487P02-PPK (AGSE-E175-G04) , Propulsor/ Full Engine Stand (includes recommended PPK unit)
2. 11C3405P02 (AGSE-C071-G02), Engine Components Storage Container
3. 11C3004P02-PPK (AGSE-C069-G02), Fan Rotation Air/TRuck Ship Stand
4. 11C4490P02 (AGSE-E177-G04), Fan Transfer Dolly from Propulsor to Fan Transport Stand

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