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190100 Air/Truck Shipping System for Trent 800 Engine


• Designed to transport Trent 800 engine for B777-200 & B777-300 aircraft by truck/air

o Can also be used as direct platform for removal/installation of engine when used in conjunction with bootstrap equipment supplied by aircraft manufacturer

• Easily convertible to truck or air shipment configuration using self-contained lift lower & rotate mechanism compliant with applicable Rolls-Royce design specifications

Dimensions & Weight:

Length (Without Engine – Truck Ship): 285”
Length (Without Engine – Air Ship): 307”
Length (With Engine): 322”
Width (Truck Ship Position): 140”
Height (With Engine in Air Ship Position): 122.25”
Height (Without Engine): 84.26”
Height (Without Engine in Collapsed Position): 55”
Weight: 12,500 LBS

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