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240030 Towbar Assembly - DC10/MD11 and A300-600

The towbar is used for towing and steering the aircraft by attaching to the aircraft's Nose Landing Gear (NLG) and being pulled by a tow tractor. The towbar primarily consists of a cylindrical steel body. At one end of the tow bar is a lunette eye, which connects to the tow tractor. The lunette eye is equipped with a shock absorb-ing mechanism to reduce the shock load on the NLG. At the opposite end of the towbar is a mechanical head assembly, which connects to the aircraft NLG. The towbar is mounted on an articulated undercarriage with a hydraulic pump and a retract spring which raises and lowers the towbar. The Stanley 240030 towbar is used for DC-10, MD-11, and A300-600 series aircraft.

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