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9C6002G02 Fan Case/Inlet Transport Stand (Non-Powered Caster) for GE90 Engine


• Superseded by Fan Case Transfer Stand (click on part number link to find out more): AGSE-E100-G01 (9C6030P01)
• Designed to support/remove/install GE90 fan case assembly with/without inlet cowl

o Drive mechanism on stand pins to Fan Transfer Dolly to either pull (for fan case separation) or push (for fan case join)
o Drive mechanism may be either operated manually or power driven

• Consists of three (3) jacking legs


• Transport base supported by three (3) 10” diameter shock-absorbing, independently-sprung dual wheels

o Standard position locks & face brakes

• Tow bar contains towing attachments at forward of frame & stows (on frame) when not in use
• Two aft caster arms pivot in-board for transport on truck (without engine parts installed)
• Maximum towing speed of 3 MPH

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