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9C6009 GE90-94B Hardware Container

The GE 9C6009 Fan Blades, Spinner and Components Shipping Container is designed to accommodate those sections of the GE90 engine. Components consist of:

Fan Blades 22

1 Piece Fan Rotor Spinner Assembly 1

Fan Blade Platforms 22

Fan Blade Spacers 22

Fan Rotor Retainers 22

Acoustic Panels 5

Bleed Air Deflector Panels 10

Bi-furcation Assembly 1

Drains Mast Assembly 1

Vent Tube  1

Air duct

This unit is designed to transport components to/from work and installation locations in a safe and secure manner. Unit offers a fiberglass cover which is water tight and secured in place on a metal fabricated base assembly. Document storage receptacle and view port included. Hoist rings (4) are built into the top of the fiberglass cover and are to be utilized in removal/installation of the cover. Interior structure consists of many segregated pockets or receptacle areas to facilitate safe and proper support of items. Fan Blades, Fan Blade Platforms, and Blades have designated storage pockets, each identified by sequential number. This will keep all components in a recognizable and immediately accessible removal and/or installation format. Special foam is incorporated in several areas of this container to help secure individual components as well as safe-guard and cushion these items.

The Fan Rotor Spinner is securely attached to a specially designed vertically supported Ring Mounting Plate. This mounting plate is removable (secured by two quick release ball-lock pins) from its storage support weldment location to help in the  installation/removal of the two spinner components. Both forward and aft sections of this component are to bolt securely onto the Ring Mounting Plate.

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