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9C6019P01 (Alternate AM-2733-G01), GE90-94B Propulsor Shipping Fixture

The 9C6019 (or AGSE AM-2733) GE90-94B Propulsor Shipping Stand is designed to transport, and/or, store the GE90 Propulsor.

The stand is compliant with all applicable General Electric specifications. It is capable of being shipped on the main deck of B747F and MD-11 Freighter Aircraft. The Propulsor pins securely into place quickly and easily.

The stand consists of an inseparable base and cradle assembly. The base is supported by a 96 x 196 inch pallet. Integral truck shipping shock mounts are mounted between the base and cradle to cushion truck shipping vibrations and shocks.

Optional casters and towbar are available. Each caster assembly offers a 5 inch wide by 10 inch diameter wheel for easy mobility and a weight capacity of 5000 pounds each. Shock absorbing polyurethane tread wheels, position locks, and face brakes are standard. All four caster assemblies are designed to pin in an elevated position for air/truck transport of the entire stand. Towbars stow on frame when not in use. Maximum towing speed for entire stand (with engine) is 5 Km/h (3 MPH).

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