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AGSE-C060 GE90-94B/115B Engine Core Shipping Fixture

The AGSE-C060 GE90-94B and -115B Shipping Stand is designed to transport, and/or, store the GE90-94B and -115B core engines (with fan hub/booster module). The stand is compliant with all applicable General Electric specifications. The core engine pins securely into place quickly and easily. It can be shipped on the main deck of the following Freighter Aircrafts:
A300F, A310F, A330F, B707-300F, B727F, B737-100/200F, B737-300/400/500F, B737NGF, B747F, B757F, B767F, B777F, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10F, MD-11F, C-130, L-100, AN-22, AN-124, AN-225, IL-76, TU-204.

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