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AGSE-C082-G01 (11C4467P01) GEnx-2B Accessories Storage Container

The AGSE-C082-G01 (11C4467P01) Accessories Storage Container is designed in accordance with General Electric Engine Transportation specifications, for the GEnx-2B aircraft engines. The following lists the optional accessories to be stored/shipped in the container. A steel base frame supports the components shipping crates securely held to the base by safety pins. A water tight fiberglass cover is connected to the base with clamps spaced about the perimeter. The cover has four (4) hoist rings located on top for removal, along with a document container and view port window.

List of Optional Accessories
Part Number - Nomenclature - Qty
AGSE-E21503-S01 Tow Bar Assembly 1
AGSE-E16616-S02 Caster Mount Assembly 1
AGSE-E18412-S01 Jacking Leg Assembly 1
AGSE-E18412-S02 Jacking Leg Assembly 1
AGSE-E16620-S01 Shock Mount Assembly 1
AGSE-E10710-P03 Caster Steering Bar 2

The unit is designed to store and/or transport components to/from work and installation locations in a safe and secure manner. The unit offers a fiberglass cover which is water tight and secured in place on a metal fabricated base assembly. Document storage receptacle and view port included. Hoist rings (4) are built into the top of the fiberglass cover and are to be utilized in removal/installation of only the cover.

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