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AGSE-C115-G01 (9C6045P01) Fan Stator Module Shipping Fixture for GE90-94B & GE90-115B Fan Stator Case Assemblies


• Superseded by Fan Case Air/Truck Shipping Stand (click on part number link to find out more): AGSE-C106-G01/G02 (9C6003P01)
• Designed to transport/store GE90 Fan Stator Module Case
• Stand (with fan case) is transportable by B747 (side load) & DC-10/MD-11/B777 (center load)

• AGSE Service Bulletin (12-006) disables or completely removes hydraulic system capable of rotating/tipping stand

o Stand must be rotated/tipped via two (2) overhead hoists & slings
o Hydraulic system for raising/lowering center support section remains in place
o Modification contains optional configurations depending on customer’s level of compliance with AGSE Service Bulletin (12-006)
o Re-mark stand with part number (9C6045P01) in place of existing part number (9C6015P09)
o Replace existing ID placard with new placard

• Use with Fan Transfer Dolly (9C6030)


• May be moved via forklift in either vertical or horizontal positions

Dimensions & Weight:

With Fan Case (Air Ship Configuration): 98” (Height) x 136” (Width) x 139” (Length) / 9,300 LBS
With Fan Case (Truck Ship Configuration): 139” (Height) x 96” (Width) x 133” (Length) / 9,300 LBS

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