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AGSE-D076 B737-800 Tail Dock

The AGSE-D076 Tail Dock is an adjustable height, caster mounted, one piece, multi-level dock that provides access to the tail of B737-800 aircraft. The second level provides ground access with two stairways (located on either side of dock). This level accommodates the horizontal stabilizer, and is equipped with a pneumatic hoist for aft cabin door removal. The first level is accessed from a stairway located in the middle of the second level, and provides access to the APU. Levels three through five provide access to the rudder section and include mechanically driven sliders in the rudder swing area. Each of these levels are accessed from two fixed stairways (located on either side). All inboard edges have contour adjustable panels (sliders) that provide docking clearance. The dock height is adjusted using motor driven jackscrews.

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