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AGSE-E038 Lightweight Breakdown Stand

The AGSE-E038-G01 Light Weight Breakdown Stand is designed to support the Pratt & Whitney JT8D-9/-17 and JT8D-209/-217 Engine in full QEC configuration. The stand is compliant with applicable PW Specifications as they relate to engine interface and strength. The stand is designed for site transportation only, not air or truck shipment. If air or truck shipment is required, the AM-1361 Air/Truck Shipping Stand (JT8D-209/-217) or AM-1641 Air/Truck Shipping Stand (JT8D-9/-17) must be used. The stand un-pins and folds to minimize empty shipping volume. The engine pins securely into place quickly and easily. Bootstrap points are provided on the stand for engine hoisting.

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