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AGSE-E049 PW306B Cowl Door Air/Truck Shipping Stand

The AGSE-E049 Cowl Door Air/Truck Shipping Stand is designed to transport, and/or, store the Pratt & Whitney PW306B Engine Cowl Doors. The stand is compliant with the design loads, dynamic loads, and interfaces identified in NORDAM Group - Manufacturing Division Specification NG 7005 (Dornier 328-300 Nacelle system Shipping Container Specification). The stand (with cowl doors) is capable of being shipped on the lower deck of A340 Aircraft. The cowl doors pin securely into place quickly and easily. A shipping cover is included with the stand. The cowl door support arms are removable and store on the base frame to allow for stacking of empty stands. The stand is forklift able from either side.

The AGSE-E049 Stand consists of a base constructed from welded steel frames with removable cowl door support stanchions.

The stand is skid mounted and does not include casters. There are numerous tie down rings located on the base to secure the stand to a truck trailer for truck shipment.

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