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AGSE-E052 Cradle & Base, RB211-535 Rail Mounted and Air/Truck Shipping Stand

The AGSE-E052 comes in both rail and air/truck shipping configurations.

Air/Truck: AGSE-E052-G02 (Cradle) + AGSE-E052-G03 (Base) - Standard
Rail: AGSE-E052-G04 (Cradle) + AM2510R90 (Base, 90")
Rail: AGSE-E052-G04 (Cradle) + AM2510R88 (Base, 88")

The stand is designed to transport, and/or store the Rolls Royce RB211-535C, -535E4, and -535E4 48 OVG Engines in full QEC configuration.

The cradle is rail transferable (88 and 90 inch rail spacing) and is capable of being shipped on the main deck of B747 Freighter Aircraft. Bootstrapping capabilities for B757 Aircraft have been incorporated into the stand. A document container is secured to the base for all manuals and documents. The stand is fork liftable from either side.

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