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AGSE-E079 (Base) & AGSE-E082 (Cradle) Air/Truck Shipping Stand With Manual Casters for Trent 500 & Trent 700 Engines


• Licensed by Rolls-Royce to store/transport Trent 500/700 engines in modified QEC configuration
• Stand (with engine) suitable for ground transport on “air-ride” truck trailers
• Vertically adjustable cradle (using manually driven ball screws) to accommodate truck shipping sway space requirements
• Raise via mechanically-/manually-retractable casters with jackscrews/steering bar or forklift to provide ample ground clearance for towing & pylon clearance for bootstrapping
• Bootstrapping capability engine/cradle onto Airbus A340-500/600 & A330 aircraft
• Two containers secured to base for all manuals, documents, spare mounts, & engine drain mast
• Cradle pins to base quickly & easily
• Stand can be raised via forklift from either side


• Consists of separable base & cradle

o Base supported by four (4) shock-absorbing caster assemblies

• Each caster assembly offers 5” wide x 10” diameter wheel for easy mobility & weight capacity of 5,000 pounds each
• Shock-absorbing polyurethane tread wheels, position locks, & face brakes
• All four caster assemblies are retractable for air/truck transport
• Towable from both ends
• Includes tow bar storage
• Maximum towing speed (with engine) is 5 Km/h or 3 MPH
• Integral truck shipping shock mounts cushion truck shipping vibrations & shocks

Dimensions & Weight (Combined Cradle & Base):

Without Engine: 180.0” (Length) x 102.0”* (Width) x 70.0” Height / 5,800 LBS
Engine Without Exhaust Nozzle & Cone (Air Ship): 180.0” (Length) x 120.0” (Width) x 121.5” (Height) / 17,700 LBS
Engine With Exhaust Nozzle & Cone (Truck Ship): 120.0” (Width) x 127.5” (Height) / 18,000 LBS

*With side guides in stowed position

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