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AGSE-E082 Cradle & AGSE-E079, Base Trent 500 & Trent 700 Engine Stand

The AGSE-E082 Universal Shipping Cradle consists of a steel welded frame with removable ground handling mounts compatible with the Trent 500 and Trent 700 Engine in modified QEC configuration. The mounts attach to the Core Intercase and Rear Turbine Housing. Tubular arms support the engine handling mounts. The aft mount supports pivot and react only vertical loads. The cradle pins securely to the base in either the air ship (lowered) or truck ship (raised) position. The mount supports fold to minimize empty shipping volume, and allow for stacking the empty stands. Multiple configurations of the AGSE-E082 are available. The -G01 and -G07 include only Trent 500 ground handling mounts. The -G02 and -G08 include only Trent 700 ground handling mounts. The -G03, -G09 and -G10 include mounts for both engines. -G01, -G02 and -G03 have an adjustable diagonal brace where the -G07, -G08, -G09 and G10 have a fixed length diagonal brace.
The AGSE-E079 Shipping Base consists of a steel welded frame with integral shock mounts to dampen ground handling shocks and vibrations when transporting the full engine. A manually driven ball screw system allows the cradle to raise and lower (depending on air or truck shipment configuration). A96 x 125 inch pallet with relief cutout for fan case clearance is included. Retractable shock absorbing casters are included with stand. The base contains fork channels located to allow fork lifting with the engine in the truck shipping position only (fork lock-outs cover the pockets when the cradle is in the air ship position). Two containers (one for spare ground handling mounts and the other for the drain mast and documents) are secured to the base.

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