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AGSE-E102-G02/-G03 (9C6025P02/P03) Up-Lift Propulsor Air/Truck Shipping Stand for GE90-94B & GE90-115B Engines

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• This product has been superseded by Up-Lift Propulsor Air/Truck Shipping Stand: AGSE-E102-G04/-G05 (9C6025P04/P05)
• Transport/tow & store GE90-94B propulsor only
• Transport/tow & store GE90-115B propulsor, full, & RFI engines
• Consists of Base (AGSE-E107-G01) & Cradle (AGSE-E108-G02)
AGSE-E102-G03 (9C6025P03) is specifically designed for Air France

• Cradle separates from the base for bootstrapping during engine change

o May be raised/lowered to accommodate transport as well as fan separate/mate requirements
o Hydraulic cable lift system on cradle operated by manual pump/(optional) air-operated hydraulic pump

• Four (4) jacks on base (operated by manual hydraulic pump) for leveling, stabilizing, & raising the stand to retract casters
• Forward mount adapters for both GE90-94B/-115B engines stored at the forward right-hand corner on base
• Pneumatic Power Option (9C6025P02-PPK) also available


• Protective Propulsor Covers: 9C1104P03 & 9C1104P04
• Shipping Stand Lift Fixture: 9C6021G04
• Multi-Purpose Sling: AM-2872-100
• Fan Case Transfer Stand: AGSE-E100-G01 (9C6030P01)
• Pneumatic Tire Dollies: AGSE-E111-G02 (9C6032P02) & AGSE-E111-G04 (9C6032P04)
• Fan Case Transport Dolly: AGSE-E167-G01


• Supported by four shock-absorbing caster assemblies with brakes & swivel locks

o May be towed from either end with propulsor only or full engine (without inlet) attached

• Full engine with inlet attached may only be towed from the rear
• Maximum towing speed is 5 Km/h or 3 MPH
• Retractable casters for truck/air transport
• Shock mounts cushion handling & transportation vibrations/shocks while supporting the cradle
• Transport of propulsor or full engine by air-ride suspension equipped truck trailers only
• Movable via forklift only when the cradle is in its lowered position

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