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AGSE-E111-G01-MOD Pneumatic Tire Dolly for GE90-94B & GE90-115B Engines


• Designed (for Air India) for site transport/storage of GE90-94B/-115B engines:

• Supports the following cradles with full, RFI engines (click on part number link below to find out more):

o 9426M23G07

• Engine cradle pins securely into place quickly & easily

• Other configurations available (click on part number link below to find out more):

o AGSE-E111-G01 (9C6032P01)


• Frame supported by FWD rigid/AFT steering axles with capacity of 14,000 LBS each

o FWD track width of 124.5” (3,162.20mm)
o AFT track width of 131” (3,328mm)

• Foam-filled tires prevent from going flat if punctured

o Spare tire mounted on side of stand

• Manual parking brakes only on FWD axle
• Dolly tow bar contains 6” diameter lunette eye type end with 3” diameter opening
• Tow bar stows in vertical position in empty stand
• May be disassembled for standard width truck or air shipment (for inter-site transfer)

Dimensions* & Weight:

• 283” (Length with Tow Bar Down) x 140” (Width – Wheels Center to Center) x 42.75” (Height to Top of Index Pin) / 3,400 LBS (approximate)

*All dimensions without engine

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