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AGSE-E132 Cradle & AGSE-E133 Base - T900 Multi-Purpose Stand

The Air/Truck Shipping Stand consist of the AGSE-E133 Base and the AGSE-E132 Cradle designed to transport and or store the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine in modified QEC configuration as used on the Airbus A380.

The stand is compliant with Rolls-Royce Specification FDS 701, Trent 900 Multi-Purpose Stand. The stand with engine may only be air transported on specialized aircraft such as the Antonov 124, and ground transport on “air-ride” suspension equipped truck trailers. The stand is capable of installing or removing the engine from A380 wing using the Airbus designated bootstrap system. The stand with engine may be fork lifted from either side and towed from either end.

The stand assembly is supported by four shock absorbing caster assemblies with 16” diameter by 5” wide polyurethane wheels. Each caster has a capacity of 6500 pounds at speed of 3 MPH. Each caster has four position swivel locks and manual face brakes. Each caster may be retracted for air or truck transport. The stand may be stowed from either end using the telescoping tow bar assemblies stored on the stand. The cradle structure is supported by a system of elastomeric shock mounts to absorb transportation vibrations and rough handling shocks. The base has four tie-down points to secure the stand to a truck trailer or aircraft floor. These four points may also be used for hoisting the stand either empty or with engine.

Manuals now available online in English and German.


AGSE-E133-G02, T900 Base Only
AGSE-E132-G02, T900 Cradle Only
AGSE-E13211-G03 , Complete Safety Kit (including RH and LH components)
AGSE-E13211-S01, Safety Kit, Left Hand Only
AGSE-E13211-S02, Safety Kit, Right Hand Only
AM-2079-7, Individual CASTER 16", 6500 LB Capacity
C596-104B (replaces J-6332-104), Individual Rubber Shock Mount
AGSE-E13305-S01, Towbar Assembly (Complete Set of two)

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