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AGSE-E143-G01 (PWA107321) Propulsor/Full Engine Transportation Stand for GP7200 Engines


• Air/truck transportation & storage for GP7200 engines

• Cradle separates from base for bootstrap operations

o May be raised/lowered to accommodate engine transport as well as fan separation/installation procedure
o Hydraulic cable lift system operated by manual pump or optional air-operated hydraulic pump

• Base contains four (4) jacks for leveling, stabilizing & raising stand to retract casters

o Jacks operated by manual hydraulic pump

• Requires Fan Installation/Removal Dolly for fan separation/installation from/to engine core (click on part number link below to find out more):

o AGSE-E145 (PWA107324)


• Supported by four (4) shock absorbing caster assemblies with brakes & swivel locks

• Stand can be towed from either end when empty, with propulsor or with full engine minus inlet

o Can only be towed from aft end with full engine & inlet installed

• Maximum towing speed of 3 MPH (5 Km/h) allowed with any engine configuration installed

• Casters must be retracted when transported by air or truck

o Truck transportation must be on an air-ride trailer with full engine or propulsor only
o Shock mounts cushion handling & transportation vibrations are integral part of stand (must not be disabled when stand secured to truck bed)
o Specific tie-down locations along with preferred securing method diagram placards included on stand

• Stand may be lifted with suitable capacity forklift (with forward fork tube stop extensions deployed)

o Forklift tines must have minimum extension length of 108” & capacity of 80” minimum load center
o Forklift must have capacity to lift stand & full engine

• Permanently attached to 96” x 196” NAS3610-2R1P certified pallet

o Forward cutout section of pallet provides clearance for lower engine bi-fi components of fan case & propulsor

• Air shipment (with propulsor only) possible on main deck of freighter aircraft

o Stand with full engine minus inlet may be air shipped on larger freighter aircraft

• Tie-down lugs located about base to secure stand to truck trailer or aircraft deck during shipment

Dimensions* & Weight:

Empty for Truck Shipment (Cradle Raised/Stowed): 81” Height x 218” Length x 106” Width / 10,100 LBS
With Propulsor for Truck Shipment: 121” Height x 218” Length x 106” Width / 22,600 LBS
With Full Engine for Truck Shipment: 160” Height x 269”** Length x 144”*** Width / 25,500 LBS

*Add 6” for casters
**327” with inlet
***165” with inlet

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