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AGSE-E166-G02 All Purpose Stand for Trent 900 Engines


• Designed to accommodate Trent 900 engine in height-restricted shipping mode
• Stand (with engine) suitable for air transport on main deck of B747 freighter & ocean/truck transport (using optional external shock mounts

• Includes self-contained manual jackscrew for eccentrically rolling engine to achieve minimum height & width to pass through large side freighter cargo door

o 55⁰ for air transport

• Equipped with integral hydraulic jacking legs for installation/removal of casters or shock mounts
• Optional Accessories Container (AGSE-E16625-S01) & Bootstrap/Safety Kit Container (AGSE-E16640-S01)
• Includes bootstrap adapters to interface with Airbus A380 engine change system
• Other configurations also available (click on part number link to find out more): AGSE-E166-G03


• To be towed from AFT end only
• Stand (with engine) must be moved only by sling and/or shock-absorbing truck/pallet dolly-loader
• Optional 16” diameter casters & jacking leg system (to remove stand with/without engine from pallet dolly or loader)

Dimensions & Weight:

Without Engine in Up Position:
• 125.0” (Width) x 86” (Height) x 196.0” (Length) / 11,000 LBS
Without Engine in Rolled Position:
• 125.0” (Width) x 88” (Height) x 196.0” (Length) / 11,000 LBS
With Engine in Up Position:
• 133.0” (Width) x 150” (Height) x 201.3” (Length) / 25,200 LBS
With Engine in Rolled Position:
• 133.0” (Width) x 121.75" (Height) x 201.3” (Length) / 25,200 LBS

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