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AGSE-E166 TRENT 900 All Purpose Stand

G02 Configuration: The AGSE-E166-G02, Trent 900 All-Purpose Stand (APS), is designed to accommodate the Trent 900 jet engine in a height restricted shipping mode. The stand is compliant with Rolls-Royce specification FDS837. The stand (with engine) is suitable for air transport on the main deck of B747 Freighter aircraft and truck transport using optional external shock mounts.

The engine stand includes a self-contained manual jackscrew for eccentrically rolling the engine to achieve the minimum height and width to pass through the large side cargo door. The base is attached to a special configured pallet (125”x196”) for air transport of the entire stand, with or without engine. Base features include fork lift access.

The stand also includes the bootstrap kit (AGSE-E16682-S01) to facilitate on wing maintenance (Note: the kit may be deselected if not required).

The G03 Configuration: Customers may consider to order the AGSE-E166-G03 that comes with a hydraulic jacking legs to enable installation/removal of casters or shock mounts. (Note the optional accessories below.)

 OPTIONAL Equipment (not included in the G02/G03) – must be ordered separately:

AGSE-E16612-S04 Safety kit for APS
AGSE-E16616-S02 APS Casters (4 casters required per engine stand)
AGSE-E16618-S01 APS Tow Bar
AGSE-E16620-S02 Shock mounts system for APS, set of 4
AGSE-E16621-S01 & AGSE-E16621-S02 Jacking legs for APS
AGSE-L018-G01 APS/MPS Sling

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AGSE-E132-G02 Cradle & AGSE-E133-G02 Base Multi-Purpose Stand (MPS)
- This item is not transportable in an aircraft
AGSE-E13211-G03, Complete Safety kit
AGSE-E13211-S01 LH & AGSE-E13211-S02
RH MPS safety kit
AGSE-E180-G01 MPS Long Distance “Towing” Unit (LTDU)
AGSE-E16680-S02 Bootstrap Adapter Assembly (if not available in the existing stand)

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