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AGSE-E170 Shipping Stand for PW6000 Engines

The AGSE-E170 Shipping Stand is designed to transport the Pratt & Whitney PW6124 engine, used on the Airbus A318 aircraft, with basic engine build unit (EBU) equipment. The engine and Shipping Stand may be configured for transportation on the main decks of commercial cargo aircraft including the DC-8F, 727F, 737F, and 747F, as well as military aircraft such as the C-130, C-160, and C-5A. Removable spacers with storage provisions for engine components can achieve the height adjustment necessary for installation into smaller aircraft. Adapters support the common nozzle assembly. Bootstrap lugs are part of the cradle weldment for on-wing installation. Provisions are provided to attach a standard shipping pallet or connect it via straps. A document container is included on the transportation base frame for documents and operation manuals.

The transportation base consists of a frame weldment supported by four (4) caster assemblies. Each caster assembly offers a 5" wide by 10" diameter wheel for easy mobility and a weight capacity of 5000 LBS each. Shock-absorbing polyurethane tread wheels, position locks, and face brakes are standard. All four caster assemblies pin in an elevated position for air/truck transport of the entire unit, with the engine installed. The tow bar stows on the transportation base when not in use. The maximum towing speed of the unit is 5 km/h (3 MPH). Built-in shock absorbing mounts cushion all transport movements. A series of tie-down rings (10) offer secure retainment during long-distance hauling of the unit.

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