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AGSE-E184-G02 (11C3359P02) GEnx-1B Air-Freight Roll-Over Stand


• Compliant with General Electric Statement of Work in height-restricted air/truck trailer shipping mode
• Suitable for air transport on main deck of B747, B777, or B787 freighters only in axial orientation
• Includes self-contained manual jackscrew for rotating cradle & engine at 53° to achieve minimum height/width to pass through large side cargo door
• Several external components/assemblies must be removed to maximize door clearance

• Compatible with Shock Mount & Removed Components Storage Container when empty (click on part number link below to find out more):

o AGSE-C108-S01 (11C3417P02)

• Compatible with Storage Container (click on part number link below to find out more):

o 11C4500P01

• May also be raised by (click on part number links below to find out more):

o Single-point lift sling (AGSE-L038-G03 / 11C4484P03)
o Dual-lift sling (AGSE-L033-G01 / 11C4542P01)


• Can be raised via forklift (empty stand or with engine in fully raised/lowered position) from right side only

Dimensions & Weight:

Without Engine: 128” (Width*) x 117” (Height**) x 202” (Length) / 13,770 LBS***
With Engine Unrolled: 140” (Width*) x 142” (Height**) x 202” (Length) / 28,370 LBS***
With Engine Rolled: 131” (Width*) x 122” (Height**) x 202” (Length) / 28,370 LBS***

*No casters/upright/raised
**On base (add 3” for casters)
***Without optional manual jacking legs or shock mount/engine components storage container

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