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AGSE-E184-G02 (11C3359P02) GEnx-1B Air-Freight Roll-Over Stand

The Basic Roll-Over Stand - AGSE-E184-G02 (11C3359P02), is specifically designed to be compliant with the GE requirements and is suitable for both (1) height restricted air or (2) truck/trailer shipping mode.

The stand (with engine in rolled position) is suitable for air transport on the main deck of B747 or B777 freighter aircrafts only in axial orientation. The stand includes a self-contained manual jackscrew for rotating the cradle and engine at 53° to achieve the minimum height and width to pass through the large side cargo door.

Several external components/assemblies must be removed to maximize door clearance. These components are listed in GE Engine Transportation Manual and are stored in container 11C3417.

For FULL Engine transportation, the following tools are required:

1. 11C3359P02 (AGSE-E184-G02), Full Engine Roll Over, Air / Truck Ship Stand
2. 11C3417P02 (AGSE-C108-S01), Engine Components Storage Container

Standard Equipment

• Caster Mount Assembly – AGSE-E18424
- S01 (Right Hand) / S02 (Left Hand) - 2 each required
• Caster Steering Bars - AGSE-E10710-P03 – 2 required
• Towbars - AGSE-E18423-S01
• Shock Mounts / Engine Components Storage Box – 11C3417P02 (AGSE-C108-S01)
- Aluminum Shock Mounts – AGSE-E16620-S01 (set of 4)

Optional Equipment

• 11C3417P02 (AGSE-C108-S01), Engine Components Storage Container
• Manual Jacking Legs (11C4510P01 / AGSE-E18412)
- AGSE-E18412-S01 (Right Hand) – 2 required
- AGSE-E18412-S02 (Left Hand) – 2 required
- Must have Jacking Leg Storage Container – AGSE-C109-G01

• Sling Options:
- 11C4484P03 (AGSE-L038-G03) Engine and Stand Lift Fixture
- 11C4648P01 (AGSE-L043-G03) Single Point Lifting Fixture

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