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AGSE-E221-G03 (PWA115193) Engine Transport Stand with Hydraulic Casters for PW1524G


• Store/transport PW1524G full engine in modified QEC configuration
• Cradle consists of steel-welded frame with removable ground handling mounts
• Storage on cradle for AFT mount brackets & unused FWD mounts
• Tubular arms support engine mount adapters
• Caster assemblies can be stowed/deployed using self-contained hydraulic system
• Base provides storage for caster steering bar & tow bars
• Series of tie-down rings secure unit during transportation


• Built-in shock absorbing mounts cushion shocks & vibrations
• 5.5” x 13.5” channels to accommodate forklift
• Transport base consists of frame supported by four (4) shock-absorbing caster assemblies
• Each caster assembly offers 5” wide x 10” diameter wheel for easy mobility & weight capacity of 5,000 pounds each
• Shock-absorbing Polyurethane tread wheels, position locks, & face brakes
• All four (4) caster assemblies pin in elevated position for air/truck transport of entire unit with engine
• Tow bar stows on base frame when not in use
• Maximum towing speed of 5 km/hr or 3 MPH

Dimensions & Weight:

Combined Cradle/Base without Engine: 146.76” Length x 90.54” Width x 52.87” Height / 3,600 LBS
Combined Cradle/Base with Engine: 158.15” Length x 96.56” Width x 103” Height

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