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AGSE-E237-G02 (18C1601P02) Engine Transport Stand for Passport 20


• Designed to store/transport Passport 20 full engine in modified QEC configuration
• Cradle can be separated from base for engine storage
• Engine can be installed from either left or right side of stand & pins into place quickly & easily
• Removable ground handling mounts
• Caster assemblies can be stowed to attain overall minimum height for air transport
• Storage for AFT braces provided on cradle frame
• Storage for AFT posts, caster steering bars, & tow bars provided on base
• Series of tie-down rings offer secure retainment during transportation


• Base assembly has four (4) shock-absorbing casters, bumpers, & tow bars
• Cradle & base can be towed from either end

• FWD tow bars (2) attach to base for FWD towing

o Single AFT tow bar attaches to AFT bumper support for rear towing

• Maximum towing speed is 5 Km/h or 3 MPH

Dimensions & Weight (Combined Cradle & Base):

Length with tow bars stowed: 176.41”
Length with tow bars deployed: 303.87”
Width: 93.02”
Height: 101.75”
Weight: 3,556 LBS

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