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AGSE-E288-G01 (8C2644P02) Propulsor Shipping Stand for GE9X & GE90 Engines


• Propulsor shipping for GE9x & GE90 engines


• Tow bar assemblies stowed at FWD end of base

o Used to tow either GE90 or GE9x propulsor
o Tow bars can also attach to AFT casters attachment points

• Maximum towing speed (with/without engine) of 5 Km/h or 3 MPR
• Provisioned with one (1) set of fork tubes
• Truck shipment using truck trailer equipped with “air-ride” type suspension system is mandatory

• 4 hoist points located on shock mount cable support beam

o May be lifted by a single point sling positioned crosswise or in line with the stand (adjustable CG feature recommended)
o Two-point lift also possible (spreader beams recommended)
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