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AGSE-G029 CFM56-7 Inline Overhaul Gantry System

The AGSE-G029 in-line gantry system gantry system is designed for the overhaul of aircraft engines. It consists of one assembly line and one disassembly line connected by an interlocking transfer crane and tooling hanger return system. Four storage bay location are included on as part of the tooling return system which may store parts of complete engines.
Each assembly or disassembly line has one AM-1653D single bay type gantry located at the entrance and exit. The gantries are designed with a suspended three rail lift frame with powered vertical travel for engine removal. Rail ends have powered interlocks to allow transfer of workstation hoists and suspended tooling from the fixed work station and tooling return system. Once the engine is transferred onto the system at the gantry station it is moved onto the fixed rail work station line with over all length for four engine over haul stations.
The disassembled engine components or complete engine suspended on tooling beams may be transferred onto the transfer crane system. This system is approximately 156 feet in length with two horizontal traveling cranes. Each crane may interlock with the assembly and disassembly lines, storage bays, and the fixed rail tooling return rails. Complete engines or component parts may be transferred to the fixed assembly line rail system. This system is designed with a fixed line assembly work stations with a vertical traveling gantry at the end engine loading onto transportation equipment.

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