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AGSE-G041-G01 GE90/GP7200 Vertical Build Stand

The AGSE-G041-G01Vertical Build Stand is designed to interface with Pratt & Whitney PWA 105757 and General Electric 9C1116 and 7C2002 tooling to accommodate easy access to those sections of the General Electric GE-90-110B/115B and Engine Alliance GP7200 engines during build-up and manufacture in accordance with General Electric International Specification CVBP-001.
The platform offers a minimum height of 34” and a maximum working height of 157-1/2”, equaling a total travel distance of 123-1/2” with 360o access around the Core “Super” Module for disassembly and assembly purposes. Four jack screws support the deck and provide vertical travel by electric motor.
The Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor system facilitates the transport loads of maximum 2,000 lbs. from one level to another.

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