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AGSE-M057 MD-80 and MD-90 Engine Access Stand

The AGSE-M057 Engine Access Stand is a three-level, fixed height structure providing engine access for MD80 and MD90 Aircraft. Handrail is provided around the outside of the top deck, and protective bumpers protect against inadvertent contact with aircraft. In addition to the three levels, there is an inboard step assembly at the lowest level providing access beneath the engine. Two stands are provided for the left and right hand sides (-G01/-G02). Each stand is equipped with a jib boom to aid in the handling of inlet cowl, engine access doors, and on the left side, the dorsal section. The jib boom has a hook travel of 244 inches (approx. 20 Ft.), and a weight capacity of 500 Lbs. Two fixed stairways (forward/aft) provide access to the ground. The right hand stand has a notch in the deck at the forward inboard corner to facilitate access to the cargo compartment.

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