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AGSE-M122 Turret Maintenance and Conditioning Platform (TMCP)

The Turret Maintenance and Conditioning Platform (TMCP) provides a climactically clean room environment surrounding the laser turret on the Airborne Laser (ABL) 747 aircraft for the purpose of supporting the ABL Test Program.
The TMCP is supported by a Rolling Base and fabricated primarily from structural grade tube steel. The Rolling Base is horizontally cross-braced to ensure square alignment of the vertical lift system. Four (4) ten-ton capacity floor jacks are mounted to the rolling base to stabilize the structure. The floor jacks feature hand crank operation of a worm gear and acme screw actuator with swivel-mounted shoes.
The TMCP features a gowning room and a class 10,000 clean room with a sliding door separates the two rooms. The environment of both rooms is climactically controlled by a system made up of a air conditioner, humidifier, blower and HEPA filters. The rooms also feature fluorescent lighting, insulated walls, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers and power outlets. The clean room has a pendant control for vertical and horizontal motion and a communication headset plug-in box.

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