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AGSE-T025-G02 Pedestal Set for V2500-A1/A5 & CFM56-5C Engines


• Designed to support V2500-A1/A5 & CFM56-5C engines for storage or engine build-up

• Pedestals consist of two (2) forward & two (2) aft pedestal frames

o Each frame vertically adjustable over 6”
o Aft frames contain screw with +/- .625” travel for fine adjustment

• Interfaces with V2500-A1/A5 engines at ground handling points on fan case & low-pressure turbine (LPT)

o Forward Pedestals (AM-2633-A1) include forward V2500-A1/A5 mounts
o Aft Pedestals (AM-2633-B1) include aft V2500-A1/A5 mounts

• Interfaces with CFM56-5C engines at forward fan case flange & forward LPT flange

o Forward CFM56-5C Mount Kit (AM-2633-C1) does not include pedestal frames
o Aft CFM56-5C Mount Kit (AM-2633-D1) for engine


• Caster-mounted pedestals can be moved by tilting pedestal onto caster wheel

Dimensions & Weight*:

Length: 35.00”
Forward Pedestal Width: 38.75”
Aft Pedestal Width: 40.00”
Forward Pedestal Height: 32.12”
Aft Pedestal Height: 29.75”
Forward Pedestal Weight: 132 LBS
Aft Pedestal Weight: 100 LBS

*Figures are without engine mounts or hardware

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