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AGSE-Y008 CF6-80E1 Engine on A330-300 Aircraft Split Engine System

The AGSE-Y008-G01 Split Engine System is designed for remote site change out of General Electric CF6-80E1 engines in split configuration. The system is certified for air transport as an U.L.D. on A330-300 Aircraft (reference STC SA 9045NM-D). Three major components make up this totally self contained system, along with the relevant tools required for field assembly, disassembly, and shipment. Storage containers and restraint provisions are provided for all components. In split configuration, the complete kit is designed to occupy four pallet positions, and no single pallet will exceed floor loading specifications for the above aircraft.
Main components consists of:
Fan Shipping Fixture- The AGSE-C006-G01 Fan Shipping Fixture is designed specifically for air/truck shipment of the CF6-80E1 fan. The fixture is mounted on a 96" x 125" pallet, and is equipped with stowable shock mounts for truck shipping. Pallet mounted brackets with a spreader bar are included for fixture rotation between split/shipping positions. In the split position, the fixture rests on four adjustable leveling feet, and fan is in the upright position to mate with core.
Self-Erecting Gantry - The AM-1200-80-100 Self-Erecting Gantry is designed for complete major module removal and replacement operations. The gantry’s ease of use allows more flexibility for alignment as well as highly simplified alignment adjustments not inherent in rigid, floor mounted rail systems. This multi-purpose system can be used for individual module replacement in the field potentially eliminating the need to ship complete engines. The gantry shares the pallet with the AM-1965-E1-100 Light Weight Breakdown Stand and tooling storage container.
Core Shipping Stand - The AM-1963-E1-100 Core Shipping Stand is designed for handling engine in full Q.E.C. for engine bootstrapping, and the split core engine section. The aft end of core is secured by trunnion mounts. The forward end is fitted with a core locating ring, and secured by adjustable forward mount adapters.
Light Weight Breakdown Stand - The AM-1965-E1-100 Light Weight Breakdown Stand is designed for remote site handling of the failed engine for local transport between pylon and gantry. The engine is secured to the stand with forward and aft ground handling mounts. Bootstrapping capabilities are incorporated for A330-300 pylon. The stand is supported by four casters with swivel locks and face brakes. Tow bars are also included.

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