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AM-1076 DC-10 Bootstrap System

The AM-1076 Bootstrap System is designed to provide a means of engine change for both wing and tail engines, by either manual or power systems. The system is unique because the beam lengths have been held to 45" as compared to the 90" beams used on the Douglas DZZ unit. This unique feature provides an unit of light weight material to be produced, any component of which, can easily be handled with one hand. This low size and weight feature provides for faster, safer installation on the aircraft.
The system is basically a two-piece unit comprised of a forward and aft beam assembly, plus the related attachment hardware. The forward beam is three (3) piece unit of aluminum construction, heaviest component of which is 17#. All attachment holes are steel bushed, and attachment hardware is alloy steel. The aft beam is a tubular aluminum member with an enclosed cable system that provides load equalization for the four (4) hoist system. Weight of the aft beam assembly is 32#. The system can be used with either manual hoists (Tugits) or a power winch system. Neither are included as a part of this system, but will be quoted on request.
Aero Methods recommends the Hoover Electric Power units for use with this equipment. The Hoover units are light and operate on 400 Hz power, with a single point, fully synchronized control. Adequate capacity is provided by these units, so that no cable reeving is required and installation is rapid and simple.

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