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AM-1127, CF6-6/50 Fan EMU Shipping Fixture

The AM-1127 is designed to accept the CF6-6/50 Fan EMU in up to a full QEC condition for shipment.

The fixture is designed primarily for air transportation but can also be used for limited ground shipment under controlled conditions. The fixture can support the fan in either the horizontal or vertical position and comes with integral turnover points which also serve as a protective frame.

The AM-1127 is also part of the AM-1192 Fan/Core Shipping System and is used for shipping as well as basic support for the fan during assembly/disassembly of the engine.

The AM-1127 can be utilized for Fan EMU shipment on any of the following aircraft provided they are equipped with a 96" or larger door.

1. B747 lower cargo bay
2. DC-10 lower cargo bay
3. A300B lower cargo bay
4. L-1011 lower cargo bay (104" door only)
5. B707, B720, B727 main deck

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